Když tým je mnohem víc než jen dva...
When a team is much more than just two...

Do you want to know, what are we doing? Which are our activities? Here you are!


A short story from one normal day, spent with a border collie

I found a tennis ball in the pocket of my jacket. Well, nothing strange, it would be strange if there was no ball. However, the ball was really awful - dirty and slobbery. I took the ball to the bathroom to let it soak it out in a bucket placed in the bath. The whole process was closely monitored by Neri, for whom a tennis ball means the same as a drug dose for a drug-addict or a piece of chocolate cake for my grandmother. However, he stayed at the door, as he has a rather clear-cup opinion, as far as entering the bathroom concerns "no entrance recommended". I left the tennis ball unguarded and I occupied myself by something else. Indeed, I first ignored the strange squelchy noise as well as Neri, who zoomed across to apartment. However, after I had slipped in the hall, I realized that a pretty clear water path led to the living room. In the living room, I found Neri under the table, herding that tennis ball. I confiscated the ball and explained to him rather clearly that a respectable border collie plays with clean tennis balls only... I left Neri in the living room, took the ball and replaced the bucket from the bath to the wash-basin, out of his sight and reach (I was so naive to believe it). I considered the matter to be settled. No more squelching happened. Well, I forgot ... that I have a BC. After one hour approximately, I accidentally found Neri at the doorsill of the bathroom, fully concentrated on herding. I looked at the wash basin...5 balls bathed in the bucket! Let me note that Neri hasn't got toys freely accessible - he simply decided to wash his emergency reserves. Well, a respectable border collie plays with clean tennis balls only...


Trip to the training of repre adepts

Where? To Hlucin city, 400 km far from Prague? Crazy, you! This was the response of my family... well, they were right. Moreover, I had to be home the whole Saturday ...so... not to waste my time, we promised to have a dancing presentation at a local ball in a gymnasium, where we train. The music was great so we stayed there for a perfect social evening. I admit, for my first time, not being happy about switch to summer time - normally, I don't mind getting up early, but not at 3 a.m. Not to make everything too easy, I couldn't go by my parent's car, as our dear Golf decided that liquid, cooling down the engine, was absolutely needles, and got rid of it through a big hole... Therefore, I had to rely upon my little Corsa. Ok, I took my bag, drowsy Digger, a pushed bag enthusiastic Neri ...and hurraa eastwards. The trip was surprisingly enjoyable, Corsa was great and my MP3 player is a pleasant appliance. A bit unpleasant was only the fact that, driving eastwards in the morning, one could decide, whether to see nothing due to sun or due to the shade ;o). Nevertheless, we arrived safely, and, thanks to a perfect map, with no vacillation (PS: thanks!!! ). In the premises of the horse riding club I met Martina Wasserbauerova and the others, they had been there mostly since Saturday. Whereas Martina was fresh, the other seemed to be a bit "used". Indeed, I fitted among them perfectly :o).

The training was really great. The courses were pretty interesting, and they had a common denominator: once your dog masters independently "technique" - in particular obstacles discrimination, entries to weaves, contacts, and handling on distance - there is not much to be solved. We could try as many variants of each sequence as we wanted to, being limited just by respecting the dog's physical conditions and tiredness. I, personally, tried with Digger the alternative I would have used in real competition and, afterwards, alternative(s) discussed with the trainer and/or friends. I was really surprised, how wrong I was when assessing speed of different alternatives. The training was rather demanding, nobody therefore protested, when Martina declared round 1:30 p.m. the last sequence. After having cleared away the equipment, we took our leaves... home. Well, not really home, we went to see my grandma in Otrokovice first. The trip to Otrokovice meant going southwest, i.e. - surprisingly - against the sun, this time going down. The trip was OK, just one remark - there are VERY few petrol stations, equipped with toilets... and, remember that, once you are really hopeless and use another alternative, not every bus stop far behind the city, which seems to be lonely, IS really lonely ;o).

One day spent with grandma was quickly over and, not to get out of the practice, we overcame in the evening other 300 km home, (western of course)... Well, this was one of our crazy but great trips.


Double exams in Brezineves

Despite the terrible weather, tempting to sit into an armchair with a book, we went off with shelties to Brezineves to run double exams judged by Eva Plistilova. We faced her courses for the first time; they were fluent and very comfortable, respecting very slippery contact obstacles. Shelties were great, four clear runs! To see some beautiful pictures from the event, look at www.borderky.cz.



Today, a long-time planned mating was realized. Bonie z Nečtinského Podhradí (Besi) is a beautiful kind and skillful bitch, working, together with other border collies, with a flock of sheep on a farm. She is also participating in trials. You will find all information on www.agroturistika.org. If everything goes right, puppies shall be born by the end of May.


First competition of Neri
Well, a day "D" turned up. The day, when I competed in small, medium and large... Well, I started with Neri with full knowledge of the fact that not everything is perfect, but I wanted to get him more engaged. And indeed, it worked! On the second day, he had a perfect elimination due to excess of energy. The whole competition in the horse riding arena was superb and perfectly organized. Also the accommodation and the dinner with friends contributed to the overall coziness of the weekend. Big thanks to everybody! To make the event even more perfect, Tomas Seemann was taking pictures there for the whole weekend. You simply must see those beautiful pictures here.



bonie.jpg, 33kBIt was a significant day for Neri, who mated a bitch for the first time. Adja Haliba arrived with her owners from a farm, where she is works on sheep and cows. With respect to the fact that her flock keeps growing, her owners decided to arrange a help-mate to her, in particular "from own resources". Adja needed just a minute to get familiarized at our place, after a minute, they were playing together with Neri. Finally, everything came right - despite absolute lack of experience of Adja, Neri... and me. If everything goes right, puppies shall be born by the beginning of May. In case of interest, contact me or Mr. Pražan, mobile phone + 420 604 837 969.


Training weekend in Horka

We spent the weekend with Digger and Neri in Horka u Olomouce, participating in a perfect weekend training. The training was organized in a horse riding arena in a fabulous area of Lovecká chata (a Hunter's house), which offers a wide range of free time acitivites. Horses, rope-center, equipment for children, lake with ducks, beautiful statues made of one piece of wood, restaurant, picnic area,...

Well, we were there due to agility. The courses were built by Honza Smoček and Martina Wasserbauerová - we could therefore the opportunity to train a wide range of skills such as technique of handling, entries to weaves, obstacles discrimination.

I have to state that the doggies did their best. However, it proved true how different can be the thing you show your dog and the thing you think you show him ;o)... indeed, I have sooo much to learn! Apart from Honza and Martina, my thanks belong namely to Bára, who occupied with us for both days. We - both - were still influenced from our recent trip to Belgium, therefore we attempted in achieving the optimal body movement in terms of "thinking&timing". I only hope that nobody looked at us, as some of our creations must have seemed really funny, in particular for a person, who did not know the reason for our wincing ;o) for a few pictures, look here.


Training weekend in Belgium

A traditional weekend training was organized in Geel (Belgium) in the middle of February. This training is unique by the fact that representatives of several European countries are meeting there to train each other, to exchange experience, learn about new skills and trends. With respect to the fact that the same people are often arriving, it is a unique opportunity to meet your old friends. Despite incredible complications, which accompanied the Czech "expedition", we succeeded in arriving at Belgium in the following composition: Bára Lerlová with Ace, Lenka Cábová with Tery, me and Digger and, last but not least, an incredibly clever GPS of Lenka, which saved us a lot of troubles and kilometers. Indeed, it is a long trip, we therefore left earlier to visit Raf. A reportage will follow, for the moment look at Lenka's page.

Nikdy se nevzdávej a dovol svým snům, aby se splnily! Never give up and let your dreams come true!