Když tým je mnohem víc než jen dva...
When a team is much more than just two...

digger1-t.jpg, 14 kB Called also Digitka, Digule, Digr Bagr
or simply "the Digger-machine"
Tricolor sheltie, 29.6.2000,
MA3, 41, 5 cm.

Who is Digger?

digger3-t.jpg2 "Fortune" precsribed us Diggi. When Orka was 18 months, she had serious health problems, nobody actually knew, what would be the result. The second dog should be a kind of therapy, both for me and Orka. Indeed, a perfect therapy... At that time, I went to see the litter of Digger with the idea of a little sweet puppy, in short "the second Orka". The true is that the first impression was ...really BIG. I will never forget rather cynical words of Martina: "you wanted a dog as big as Orka, here you are" (well, but in seven weeks ;o). And my sweet Digger went on growing, fortunately did not reach Large category ;o).

digger2-t.jpg2 Digger is a real opposite of Ori. Whereas she is a real fire-drake and rabid beast in agility ring, she is pretty submissive in "day-to-day" life, a bit distrustful to strange people. She is willing to ingratiate herself with anybody; this fact is misused namely by Ori, who is inciting her to iniquities. Digger is eagerly and loyally following her, which usually ends with "a flop". My great friend used to call Orka "Garfield" and Digger "Oddie" - I thing he hit the target!

digger4-t.jpg Her attitude to sports like flyball or agility is rather specific, could be described as: "whatever I run down, I'll eat up". This was actually the biggest problem in our flyball-attempts, as I was not able to explain Digger that the goal is NOT to catch the dog in the second line and "withdraw" his/her ball. On the other hand, she outshined in coursing. Indeed, she enjoys the goal of the game - chasing and killing the lure! As for agility - well, she is fast. In the course, she is pretty noisy, she is growling all the time and bites me, whenever she things, I'm in bad position (which is rather often). Her disadvantage is that she "overheats" very easily. So, when preparing for a run, we try to calm down... both. Nevertheless, we really enjoy our crazy runs. Digger simply can not run "at half speed", each and every course is a real challenge, requiring 100% concentration and engagement. And the results? Well, we are usually finishing our courses pretty fast, in both meaning of the expression :)... Digger has "objectively" less successes than Orka, the adventure of each and every run is however so so great!

Digger’s Hobbies
  1. Food - well, she is a sheltie... her ability to find food in any cache is incredible as well as the speed of its ingurgitation. However, my poor Digger is very honest and always comes to confess to it.
  2. Growling and Barking – one can see very easily that Diggi is enjoying an activity - she is growling and barking while practicing it.
  3. Rubber Duck - her favorite toy, which she had been stealing all the time to her dog fellow Jimi, until I succeeded to rake it in Belgium.

Successes of Digger
  • A3 since 2006
  • Represented Czech Republic in 2005, 2006
  • 2nd place teams IMCA 2005, 2. place Open individuals IMCA 2005
  • Finals of EO 2005
  • 2nd place Championship of shelties 2005
  • 2nd place Slovakian Championship teams 2005
  • 2nd place in Agility at Czech Championship 2007

  • Czech Coursing Champion (well, not quite an issue, the competition is divided acc. to breeds ;o)

    Dear Diggi, thank you for being the greatest crazy & darling doggy, I've ever met.

    Nikdy se nevzdávej a dovol svým snům, aby se splnily! Never give up and let your dreams come true!