Když tým je mnohem víc než jen dva...
When a team is much more than just two...

neri1-t.jpg Maeglin EyEnergy - Neri, Nerísek.
Tricolor Border Collie, Born on 4.9.2005.
Pedigree FCI, ISDS Pedigree, CEA normal, DKK 0/0, Certification.

Neri is my "big" decision, my "big" step, crossing borders... my decision to get a puppy, to get a male, a big dog, and to go abroad for him...

neri2-t.jpg I was really lucky, as my friend Carl recommended me the Belgian kennel Maeglin. After several weeks of e-mailing with the breeder Raf de Winter, I was waiting for a "boy" from purely sheepdog litter... I must admit that my imagining of a big bicolor, almost black dog dissolved quite soon. Similarly, my first choice was not really mine - when the pups were 2 weeks old, Raf sent me picture of the most blond&ugly puppy and wrote me shortly that I could take whatever dog from the litter, but that one was the best. neri6-t.jpg Nothing more, nothing less. Which was the worst, it was the fact that he just repeated the fact each week. I visited Weelde when the pups were 5 weeks old; then, I had to admit (as many times after that) that he was right. Neri was "mine"... ;o) He was not especially big, bold or agile (well, I have never seen such well balanced litter of 8 perfect puppies before), he has had nevertheless something "special", which Raf had seen three weeks ago. This "something" has been an extra blend of strong personality, love for people, vital need "To work" and in particular great joy of life. Three weeks later, I was there back to take my first own border collie home. I must admit, he used to be a live example of "brain before beauty" (well, I had better NOT translate it to English ;o), however, for me, he has been the nicest one!

neri5-t.jpg The trip back to Prague as well as familiarization with new home were troublefree. Playful, merry and intelligent Neri has been easy going from his very childhood. It was more likely me, who had to accommodate to BC-non stop regime...

I have been trying to offer to Neri a wide range of activities since his childhood, allowing him however to stay trouble-free youngster as long as possible and giving him time enough to mature, both physically and psychically... This approach has come right; Neri has grown up to a well-built, friendly and self-confident dog with continuous willingness to do something.

We are currently training agility, doing some clicker training, frisbee, occasionally "chasing figurants". Neri is a sheepdog by nature, we have however few possibilities to work on sheep. Paradoxically, most frequent trainings have been... in Belgium. Thanks, Raf!

Hobbies of Neri
  1. neri3-t.jpg Sheep - Neri is simply a sheepdog. Without having any systematic or regular training, he simply "knows" what to do. No sheep available? OK, a guinea pig, cones or balls will do. Neri is ready to herd... whenever and whatever.
  2. Balls - the more, the better! Neri manages carrying three tennis balls… when you want to occupy him for a long time, offer him four (my last resort) .
  3. Cones - the more, the better! The current record is 5 really BIG cones stuffed in mouth.
  4. neri4-t.jpgWater - Neri used to be quite decent dog, ignoring water. That beautiful period ended, when my friend Iveta looked after him in summer 2006. Well, after a week, a strange being was returned to me, which could be used as divining rod - he is able to detect the nearest source of water, in which he is ready to swim - regardless of season. Of course, the best entertainment is to fetch tennis balls neri7-t.jpgform Vltava river. I must admit that Neri is functioning as pretty successful get -acquainted agency - a tennis ball gloats us away occasionally and gallant kayakers are bringing it back to us ;o). On the other hand, he swam once UNDER a swimmer as he thought the man was going to steal HIS BALL. Poor man... (survived).
  5. Toys and subject Neri considers to be his toys - motto: "Have you removed MY toys? Your fault, I'll find something else".
Nikdy se nevzdávej a dovol svým snům, aby se splnily! Never give up and let your dreams come true!