Když tým je mnohem víc než jen dva...
When a team is much more than just two...

orka1-t.jpg A3 CH. Orka Moravské srdce, called Oriška,
Oříšek (the Little nut), Křeček (the Hamster)
Tricolor sheltie
born on 2.10.1998
SA3, 32 cm

How did we meet?

Orinka stays at the very beginning of our agility story. And not only the agility one, she is my first own dog at all. After I had stopped vaulting (acrobatics on horseback) in 1998, my friend brought me from France a magazine on agility; I enthused for it totally. I therefore started to trace the situation in the Czech Republic, possibilities, suitable dog breeds... and the result of such "inquiry" was a small tricolor sheltie, which I "found under Christmas tree" in 1998. I was really lucky that time, Mrs. Habrová, owner of the kennel "Moravské srdce", wanted to keep the little bitch for breeding (thanks a lot! ;o).orka3-t.jpg I had rather poor knowledge as far as shelties concerned; indeed, Orka illustrated me how much can the breed description as described in "clever books" differ from the reality. My little doggy actually was not typical representative of a sport-dog, loving balls and enjoying running. Orinka unambiguously preferred relax, comfort, bowl full of food and "movement" by family car... She considered agility as more-less social event. The speeds reached on the course was pretty corresponding thereto - something like sightseeing tours with stop for refreshment ;o).

orka4-t.jpg Well, a big breakthrough occurred when I realized (and finally accepted) the fact that Ori was not going to rush through the course for a stupid toy and I started to take nice smoked meat. Since that time, everything has changed, Ori started to enjoy it really... Despite the fact that Ori has never reached super speed, she has been very attentive, reliable and she has had minimum time losses in turns. Another BIG advantage has been the fact that she has always enjoyed big competitions with lot of viewers. She has always warmed up, speeded up, but never "overheated". She simply loves audience and she is ready to perform great while being watched!

orka2-t.jpg Orka has been more-less retired, "top" agility with a systematic preparation has finished in 2006, after WC in Basel. However, we enjoy our few agility competitions all the more!

How is she?

Orinka is a little Napoleon, leader of our tricolor pack. She is a great "personage", she is a real "high-brow", the main goal of her life is to outwit me and smell out anything to eat or to relax on a soft pillow. A very amusing activity is also to find out a mischief, to organize it - and to back away sufficiently soon to see, how Diggi and Neri complete it ...and are wigged. Ori absolutely enjoys sunbathing, one will always find her in the warmest sunny place available. To my orders, Orka responds in principle and in consistence - AFTER a short consideration, most likely with the expression "do I REALLY have to do it" of "wouldn't it better if YOU came to me?". On the other hand, nobody else can gurgle in such lovely way that she actually likes you.

Hobbies of Orka:
  1. Food - in any quantity, state, and quality, preferably in BIG quantity, SOLID state and SMOKED quality ;o).
  2. Relax - in bed, of course. It is almost unbelievable, how a five-kilo dog can usurp the WHOLE bed, so that there is absolutely no more space for me. The expression of my sleepy doggie is unambiguous - when you are going to bed SO late, you should accept that it is already occupied and you can sleep on the floor.

Biggest Successes of Orka

  • A3 CH title, in A3 since 2002
  • Represented Czech republic in 2001-2004, 2006
  • 1st place MS FCI teams 2006, 2nd place MS FCI teams 2004, 4th place MS FCI individuals 2004
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th place IMCA individuals 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2003-2006
  • 2nd place European Open 2003
  • Czech Champion 2004 and 2005, 2nd place 2003 and 2002
  • Czech Shelties Champion 2003, 2004, 2006 Several "Podiums" at Slovak Championships
  • Thank you, my little Orka, you have always been my very close companion, source of energy, joy... first agility student and teacher at the same time...

    Nikdy se nevzdávej a dovol svým snům, aby se splnily! Never give up and let your dreams come true!