Když tým je mnohem víc než jen dva...
When a team is much more than just two...

  • My family for all the patience and tolerance. Indeed, they have survived all my crazy ideas and more-or less destructive activities of both me and my doggies
  • Anna Kriz for the crank idea to bring me magazine on agility.
  • Veronika Habrová, who finally gave me the only girl from the litter... thanks for Ori...
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pecha for Digger.
  • Raf de Winter, who gave to "just a girl from Czechie" the best dog from the litter!
  • Martina Podešťová, who was standing at the very beginning of our journey through agiltiy.
  • Olina Edrová for patience and invaluable help with Digger and recently also with Neri.
  • Antonín Diviš, who had never let me run with "unlaced shoe-laces".
  • Antonín Grygar, who had introduced me to the "big" world of agility and supported mi in hard times...
  • Silvia Trkman, who made me review my attitude towards agility and my doggy friends at all.
  • Iveta Matzenauerová, our Moravian Sun.
  • Mája Pangrácová and her mum Hana for life optimism and Czech anthem "sung" in the language of the world of silence, being listened by heart.
  • Mrs. Hana Navrátilová for her "lessons of humanity".
  • Tomáš Seeman, whose admirable pictures are a real jewelry of these sites.
  • The company Calibra for their kind support.
  • Jarda Síbrt, without whom these sites would never come true.

Nikdy se nevzdávej a dovol svým snům, aby se splnily! Never give up and let your dreams come true!